Visualising Ambition.

CapeRock is an Amsterdam based design studio born and raised from the world of entertainment.

We work closely with clients to help them define and visualise the ambition that lies at the core of their brand.

Using design, strategy and story telling we bring those ambitions to life into exciting outcomes that work across todays platforms.

'We help brands to reach and engage their audience in today's fragmented media landscape'

Way of

Our company structure is based on three integrated disciplines that are inseparable:

Strategy, Creation, Production

In our studio we combine brand strategy, design and production - for animation, (post-) production, editing, audio & sound design, accompanied by project & traffic management.

We’re able to extend our capacity through our broad network of freelance specialists that we can out on specific and specialized jobs.


Visual Strategy

We develop a brand’s visual strategy which lays the foundation for all brand expressions on all media. This way the eventual design systems originate from the brand strategy.

  • Brand Audit
  • Market Analysis
  • User Research
  • Brand Concept & Manifest
  • Visual Strategy & Foundation

Identity Design

We design brand identities by integrating and combining brand strategy, design, motion, interaction and music to make brands stand out.

  • Brand Development
  • Voice, Tone & Messaging
  • Logo Design & Animation
  • Identity Systems & Guidelines
  • Brand Reels

Dynamic Branding

We create dynamic branding that is responsive to its environment. This results in a coherent, flexible system that connects the brand to its content and stories on all platforms and channels.

  • Multi-Channel Design
  • UX, Motion & Visual Design
  • Experimental Design
  • Content Creation
  • Toolkits & Automation

Promotions & Campaigns

To make brands visible and engaging we develop promotions and campaigns that cut through the clutter and tickle their audience with remarkable, striking, emotive images.

  • Concept Development
  • Storyboards & Scripts
  • Copy & Art Direction
  • AV Production & Post-production
  • Motion Graphics & Animation

Music & Sound Design

For brands that have the wish to speak in their own, recognisable and unforgettable voice, we discover and create their own sound. Music and sound has the power to trigger recall, create engagement and to induce emotion towards your brand.

  • Sonic Branding
  • Sound Search
  • VO Casting & Recording
  • Composing
  • Sound Design



Discover phase in which we explore and open up ideas through different creative routes.


Define phase to select the smartest route and to define the visual foundation and claim for the brand.


Design phase in which we build a smart, agile and flexible identity system to work on all media and platforms.


Develop phase in which we create, produce, animate and make all the brand assets that are required.


Deploy phase to ensure that all elements are delivered in the best way, supported with clear guidelines and technical assistance.


Marco-Paul de Jeu

Founder / Strategy Director

Dann Smit

Founder / Creative Director

Martijn Wolff

Founder / Head of Production

Nicolette de la Rambelje

Project manager

Thijs Albers

Project Manager

Jord Veerman

Motion Designer & Coordinator

Wesley Vermeer

Motion Designer

Martijn Paasschens

CG Generalist

Niels Popma

Motion Designer

Raymondo van Dijk

Jr. Motion Designer

Roger van Baren

Concept Developer

Cay Fiehn

Art Director

Arnout van Eeuwijk

UX Designer

Jorge Fröberg

Motion Designer

Carl Boman

3D Visualiser

Sam van Ewijk

Marketing & Sales Executive

Nanna Erbe