March 7, 2018

CapeRock @ Unleashing Innovation 2018

The rapid evolution of technology and society requires companies to adapt to the changing needs and behaviours of customers, employees and partners. How can companies embrace the fast pace of external innovation without losing internal direction in this race against time? 

The 13th of March our Strategy Director Marco-Paul spoke at the Unleashing Innovation Summit 2018 to offer companies a way to survive the so-called Digital Darwinism. Curious? Read more about it below.

How to use your brand as a driver of change?

Three principles will be outlined to answer the question on how to use your brand as a driver of change. Below the three principles are described briefly.

1- Put a dot on the horizon
Envision your brand as a dot on the horizon existing of a clear, inspiring and motivating mission, vision and ambition. If you keep this strategic framework in mind with all the steps you take as a company, it will make you move in one direction without losing track due to all the external noise of change and innovation. This means making choices that align your company’s values and vision and that are therefore relevant to your brand. 

2- Incorporate a bigger purpose into your brand
Reaching for the dot on the horizon will move your company forward in one direction, but what determines which specific direction that will be? And why would you want to stay on the ground when the universe will offer you a greater space with overview? By incorporating a bigger purpose into your brand, you enable your business to take the space it needs to grow and to embrace innovation. What is your bigger purpose? Think big. Think way into the future. A bigger purpose will create a culture that inspires your team to build a great product and company for the future.

3- Let your brand resonate from the inside-out
This brings us to the third principle: let your brand resonate from the inside-out. Brands are build from the inside-out. The cultural state-of-mind of your brand that is shared among employees is of big importance to build a strong brand. A strong brand resonates from the inside out and could serve as a driver of cultural change and innovation.