A new look for Zappsport

A new look for Zappsport

To stay on top of the game, Zappsport needed a complete branding overhaul. The fresh new logo, look and music for Zappsport are designed to make the show more exciting!
It is all about fun and being active!  The branding will be used in various marketing materials such as TV commercials and online promotions.

Zappsport, the popular Dutch sports show aimed at kids, needed to refresh its branding to keep up with the times and appeal to slightly older children (10-12 years).
We achieved this by mixing dynamic designs with modern animation techniques.

Knowing that kids often are heavily influenced by brands, shows and designs they come across on social media platforms, it was our task to match their perception of the brand new design. With the client, we decided it needed an energetic tone with powerful colours and dynamic music which would easily impress the young audience.

The new look for Zappsport has a lot of attitude, with fun and excitement. It is all about getting kids active! After all- sport can give you everything that's important in life! That actually makes this TV programme an inspirational one to watch as it shows how children become real heroes by following their passions despite any obstacles they face along the way.

The programme takes a playful and light-hearted approach to confirm that dreams really can come true!

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