A new look for Zappsport

A new look for Zappsport

We developed the new logo, the new look and new music for ZappSport!

ZappSport is a popular Dutch sports show focussed on a kids audience. The show packaging needed an update to be fresh again and to appeal to slightly older children (10-12 years).

The perception of these kids is strongly influenced by brands, shows and design that they watch on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Netflix. To match their perception, the new design for ZappSport is much more dynamic, energetic and powerful.

ZappSport really involves children in sports and inspires them. After all, sports can bring you a lot and that is the central theme of the program. It shows that children can become real heroes and that the impossible becomes reality. It shows the journey that it takes to become successful in your sport and it shows that doing sports make you stronger.

The tone of the program is playful and light and it shows kids that dreams can become real!

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