Digital focussed redesign of health program In Good Shape

Digital focussed redesign of health program In Good Shape

For German Public Broadcaster Deutsche Welle we redesigned it’s popular health program In Good Shape. This program mainly focusses on reaching young women.

In Good Shape is as your friendly trustworthy companion. It's like a wise and patient friend, like someone that always gives you the best advice and offers insights on the subjects that matter to you.

The aim of the redesign is to create a more digital feel for the program and a better online viewing experience as a large percentage of the audience watches the program on their mobile phone. The design system that we developed offers the lightness and digital feeling, like you are swiping through the content. The viewing experience feels like using an app.

The design language is based on the use of Circles and Squares to enhance the factual and balanced feel of the program. The Circles represent unity, commitment, harmony and protection, where the Squares represent honesty, solidity and stability.

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