Refreshed Brand Identity for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Refreshed Brand Identity for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam will kick off the new cultural season with their show Casablanca, which takes its inspiration from the movie classic by the same name. With the launch of this new show Scapino Ballet Rotterdam also introduces its refreshed brand identity.

Since the end of 2020 we have been working together with the Scapino Team on creating their new identity that is more expressive and vibrant than ever! Inspired by strong expressions and the rhythm of dance, we wanted our designs to reflect human emotion and storytelling. The typography uses a brushstroke headline fond that reflects the idea of human motion. Bright and vibrant colours, inspired by costumes and stage lighting, vary from bright oranges to deep reds. Combined with painted symbols these elements create a powerful statement.

The broad design toolkit of elements and backgrounds offers a dynamic brand identity that works across all media. The final part of the rebrand was creating the new website which is life, now.

It's been a real pleasure and we feel honored and very proud on the nice and close collaboration. Special thanks goes out to Michael Vogel for believing in our creativity.

This collaboration is a perfect example of how dance can be used as an accessible art form, for many different audiences. CapeRock is very proud to have contributed her part in this project and to promote the Dutch Dance Culture!

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