Shaping the sound for 3sat

Shaping the sound for 3sat

We are very excited to share another music update. CapeRock Music has developed the new audio design for the free-to-air channel 3sat that is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Together with the 3sat team we have worked intensively over the last year to develop this unique and characteristic sound identity.

3sat - informs and inspires to experience the world - through an intelligent and unmistakable staging. The new audio design emphasises a lively, modern appearance of the channel’s two programme pillars "Culture" and "Knowledge and Science”. The promise "Anders Fernsehen" is kept in the sonic design as it integrates diversity and various different characters.

The music radiates optimism and pride. Being elegant, warm, refined and authentic. Connecting musically, through intermediate notes. Small variations making it more vibrant. The transmitter itself offers the best of the best, using recorded instruments only. Modern orchestral.

With special thanks to Matthijs Kieboom as lead composer, Andrea Simon for co-creation, editing and sounddesign, and Anna Saup and Anja Strischna as project leads.

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