Sonic Design for SRF News

Sonic Design for SRF News

The new design of SRF News launched with the Sonic Design from CapeRock, which we are extremely proud of.

Since 2011, we have integrated Sonic Identity as a service into our agency and steadily developed this creative discipline. Today we work with a select group of top-class composers, with whom we create high-end music and sound for brands.

For SRF News we composed the brand music, defining hope and togetherness, giving a glimpse of tomorrow. By providing information and context SRF empowers the Swiss people to form their own opinions, ultimately becoming active and educated members of the society. SRF has redesigned its News to be even more present in the digital world, thus creating a stronger appeal to a younger audience.

CapeRock created and delivered specific audio packages for 10 different programs as well as for Radio and digital formats, with SRF Tagesschau being the main news show from SRF.

Hereby we want to thank Alex Hefter, Severine Brugger, Cordula Gieriet, Dominic Daeppen, Jürg Steudler (from Regardez) for the warm and successful collaboration.

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