The redesign for NPO Radio 1

The redesign for NPO Radio 1

The redesign for NPO Radio 1 launched in full, supported by the new, impressive TV commercial & Digital Out of Home.

Together with the team at NPO Radio 1,  we redesigned the first Dutch audio news brand based on the new brand narrative and values. In the redesign the number 1 of the logo is taken and developed as the visual property for the brand to bring all the different brand elements / signals and communication together. This device also serves to connect content, visual radio shows, podcasts and promotions more strongly and visibly to the brand.

The brand looks fresh, modern and contemporary, appealing more to a younger audience, focussing on the promise ‘He Who Listens Knows More' (Wie Luistert Weet Meer). The new design is applied to all on-air, off-air and online communications.

Thanks to the whole NPO Radio 1 team Klaske Tameling, Martine Spronk, Laura Ophof-Bosch, Martine Bannink, Marlise Hamaker, Manouk da Graça, Jannie Visser, Stephan Alspeer and Hans van Raaij for an inspiring collaboration.

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