The redesign for NPO Radio 1

The redesign for NPO Radio 1

The redesign for NPO Radio 1 launched in full this week supported by the new, impactful TV commercial & Digital Out of Home.

Together with the NPO Radio 1 Team we have redesigned the first Dutch audio news brand based on the new brand narrative and values. In the redesign the number 1 from the logo is taken and developed as the visual property for the brand to bring all the different brand elements / signals and communication together. This device also works to connect content, visual radio shows, podcasts and promotions more strongly and clear to the brand .

The brand looks fresh, modern and contemporary with a stronger appeal to a younger audience and focusses on its promise ‘Who listens knows more' (Wie Luistert Weet Meer). The new design is applied to all on-air, off-air, online communication.

Thanks to the whole NPO Radio 1 Team Klaske TamelingMartine SpronkLaura Ophof-BoschMartine BanninkMarlise HamakerManouk da GraçaJannie VisserStephan Alspeer and Hans van Raaij for the nice and inspiring collaboration on this project!

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