At home with AVROTROS

Creating a stronger emotional connection with its audience


AVROTROS is a Dutch public broadcaster that brings people together and makes them feel at home. The aim of the project was to make AVROTROS more visible as a brand and to create a stronger emotional connection with its audience.


The tagline ''At home with AVROTROS'' forms the essence for the feeling we aimed to convey in the new idents. AVROTROS also encourages people to broaden their horizon by being all encompassing. This value is visualized by the symbolic iris that we extended the logo with.


The scenarios in the idents manage to capture the feeling of making yourself at home in a way that will be recognizable for every Dutch AVROTROS-viewer. The extension of the original logo enables AVROTROS to be more visible and claim its content more strongly.

We worked on

Visual Strategy
Identity Design
Dynamic Branding
Music & Sound

Strong visible brandmark

We extended the original logo by an animated circle symbolizing an iris with a 360° view. By keeping the logo transparent it claims the image and connects the brand to the content more strongly.

The feeling of making yourself at home

People make themselves feel at home in all kinds of situations and places. The idents show how this feeling is created in a typical Dutch environment and in a way that is recognizable for everyone who watches AVROTROS.

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