The Rhythm of Finland

Making a media brand more personal and friendly


Jim is a television channel from Finland that mainly broadcasts lifestyle programs, reality TV and drama series. The aim was to differentiate the channel more strongly from other lifestyle channels by changing its perception from another lifestyle channel to a real competitor in the factual entertainment market.


Jim’s distinctive characteristic is that the television channel is part of the Finn’s everyday lives. It is a modern and optimistic channel that gives its audience a welcoming feeling. The new look and feel that we created for the channel embraces Jim’s fun and friendly nature.


The rebrand has given Jim a modern and playful look. Its favourable and easy to approach imagery is a reflection of the channel and an expression of the Finns’ daily lives. The new identity has given Jim a mental leadership postion in factual entertainment.

We worked on

Visual Strategy
Identity Design
Multi-Channel Design
Promotions & Campaigns
Music & Sound Design

Visual Strategy

Jim is an optimistic and playful television channel that is part of the Finn’s everyday lives. The channel is viewed steadily from Monday to Sunday, therefore the slogan: Luckily it’s a weekday.

Nelonen Media Jim Commercial Frame
Nelonen Media Jim luckily it's a weekday

''We designed an expressive and playful mark that embodies the feel-good of Jim''

Nelonen Media Jim Frame

Identity Design

To establish the feeling that Jim is a part of the Finns’ everyday lives, we designed an expressive and playful mark. This brandmark lies at the core of Jim’s new identity and embodies the feel-good of Jim. The friendly curves create an organic brand language that accentuates the optimistic vibe of Jim. Also, the use of bright orange as a primary colour of the channel reinforces this optimistic feel.

Nelonen Media Jim Logo
Nelonen Media Jim Logo Progression
Nelonen Media Jim Logo Window

Multi-Channel Design

Acting as a window, Jim uses a minimal - and playful UI system derived from the logo mark. By hovering over the logo crops we create an easy and modern flow. The system contains a range of logo crops for different purposes. This way, the mark becomes a window to the Finnish everyday life - making the identity relevant and adaptable to any situation.

Also in the photography of the idents and menus we take a glimpse into daily life, supporting Jim's role as a brand. Orange is applied on objects, again to represents the positive twist and to focus on the activity rather than the personality.

Nelonen Media Jim Frame
Nelonen Media Jim Frame
Nelonen Media Jim Hell's Kitchen

Promotion & Campaigns

The flexible identity system allows for easy adaptations of images and photography to be used in print advertising and outdoor.

Nelonen Media Jim Promotion

The Sound of Coming Home

The music we composed for Jim underlines the feeling of coming home and being able to lay back and relax. A simple touch of everyday happiness.

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