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Creating a new identity for Joe to make the radio station relevant for today again


Joe is one of the biggest radio stations in Belgium that mainly broadcasts pop music from the 1970s until now. The brand image of Joe FM was outdated and needed to be revitalised to retain Joe’s strong position in the Belgium market.


The goal was to claim the best music on-air, always. Therefore a new visual design was developed to make Joe relevant for today again. With the new design the radio station gained a fresh, modern and slightly younger appearance.


Six months after the launch of the new identity, Joe has reached its largest market share ever. It has the most listeners ever in its history and with this it realised the largest growth of all radio stations within the Medialaan Group.

- Visual Identity Awards 2017

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Identity Design
Dynamic Branding

Identity Design

Joe is a radio station that is standing close to its audience, following the rhythm of listener’s every day. It offers a musical source of inspiration and provides all the in’s-and-outs about music, songs and artists. Joe connects to music loving people with a playlist that varies from the greatest hits ever to todays instant classics.

At the center of the brand lies the passion for music. The new logo of Joe is based on a series of circles. These circles can be seen as a visual nod toward vinyl records and sound waves as well as a way to transit or broadcast, just like a radio beacon. The new design of Joe enables the radio station to give artists a prominent place in its logo. The inner circle of the ‘’O’’ is the spotlight in which artists are placed. The lemon lime green makes Joe stand-out in the market place and links back to the brand’s heritage.

Medialaan Joe Identity Design logo system Medialaan Joe Advertisement billboard identity design

Dynamic Branding

The round shapes offer the opportunity for Joe to use its new design in a creative way on multiple channels: offline as well as online.

Medialaan Joe Website design
Medialaan Joe App design
Medialaan Joe Environment and Merchandise design

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