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A new roar for KNRB

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Visual Strategy

The ambition of the KNRB is to grow the rowing community in the Netherlands with a focus on Olympic top athletes, amateur rowers and young people. They want one strong identity that appeals to the whole community, based on the belief that rowing is the most powerful sport that gets you ahead in life.

The Royal Dutch Rowing Federation (KNRB) has launched a new logo and brand identity. In this Olympic year we are ready to support all rowers and strongly promote rowing with a new roar. A proud logo, heavy typography and bright colours get onboard to create a powerful identity.

Babette Berkelaar
Content Specialist at KNRB

Dynamic Identity

The iconic logo, heavy typography and bright colours team up to create a powerful identity. Combined with the scientific pattern of an oar movement, the result is an active, energetic and dynamic identity applied to photography and visuals.

Rowing motion

The motion design shows the dynamics and power of rowing, based on scientific research into the motion of the rowing stroke.

Digital Design

More action-driven and personal photos have been selected for use on the KNRB website and social media. These images convey a more energetic and active feeling and underline the values of purity, perseverance and brotherhood embraced by the KNRB.

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