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CapeRock designed a new brand identity that visually connects Net5 with LINDA. The brand system allows Net5 to offer her content in a dynamic way. The design connects the program and content of Net5, and offers the viewer a pleasant viewing experience. The brand system can be used on all channels, such as: television, online, social and print. The distinctive typography gives the brand its own, playful and self-confident character.

Net5 channel brand system ident leader opener closer
Net5 channel brand system ident leader opener closer
Net5 channel brand system ident leader opener closer


The future of the Net5 brand is reshaped by clearly positioning Net5 as the Dutch women first television channel. Through the strong visual connection to LINDA, a multi-media platform is established for television, online, social and print. Net5 has become a modern, contemporary brand, with a playful, yet self-confident identity that is ready to take on the future.

Net5 channel brand insta instagram social media

"It was very nice working with CapeRock. We are extremely proud of the result: a strong logo that is closely related to the LINDA. -logo, yet stands on its own. The visual language fits perfectly with the contemporary and more urgent feel of the new Net5. A design that underlines that we want to make Net5 the women first channel in the Netherlands."

Jildou van der Bijl
Creative Director at Net5
Net5 channel brand billboard abri

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