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Create an identity for OverKop that is easy to approach and welcoming


OverKop is a Belgian platform for young people with psychological problems. Overkop exists of five individual houses across Flanders where kids can go for help as well as an online platform. The purpose of OverKop is to make psychological problems discussable and to raise money for the support and help of young people who encounter mental health difficulties.


OverKop lets kids know that everyone is OK. OverKop is safe. Working closely with the team at MEDIALAAN, we set out to create a brand that would make young people feel that they were not alone. Something they could connect to without holding back. We gave OverKop an inspiring, modern and personal look.


More than a building or a business, OverKop has created 5 individual houses across Belgium that reflect the young people from the inside out. A safe haven to stay connected, ask questions or simply look for advice. Complementing the houses OverKop launched an Online Digital Community where everyone can feel safe, get information and keep in touch.

We worked on

Identity Design
Dynamic Branding
OverKop Brand Elements

Identity Design

The goal of OverKop is to offer a platform that is easy to approach for young people would like psychological assistance. Therefore we took the ‘’O’’ and the ‘’K’’ from OverKop and created the slogan: You are OK. To look appealing for young people we applied a modern look with refreshing colours resulting in the following logo designs. The two main colours blue and white may be accompanied by the high light colours pink, green, light blue or yellow. This gives the logo a bright, open en modern look.

OverKop logo on pink
OverKop Logo
OverKop CollectionOverKop Posters

Dynamic Branding

The brandmark is easy to use for multiple applications such as window stickers, posters and tote bags. For the online platform we helped to create the initial design that looks appealing and feels welcoming for young people.

OverKop Bag
OverKop App Icon
OverKop App Design

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