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Bright redesign of RTL’s info Magazines

CapeRock worked closely with RLT Deutschland on the redesign of the magazines Explosiv, Exclusiv and Extra. The  programmes reach an audience of 8 million viewers daily.

Creative services:
Logo Design
Opening Titles & Bumpers
Motion Graphics
Toolkit Automation

A Family Affair

CapeRock introduced a collectieve design language and framework for the programmes. Within this framework, each of the programmes retained an individual colour and texture palette. The typeface, grid, motion principles and infographic layouts are shared by the programmes.

The striking feature is the use of the three dimensional X, giving each of the programmes its own identity.

Exclusiv is all about VIPs and red carpet reporting, emphasised by the use of a bright golden tone.

Extra retained a link to the established orange and off white colour palette, which was paired with a sculptural bronze X.

was radically changed into a luminous white and red colour combination.

The new designs have successfully created a clear and distinctive look while maintaining a strong relation with the RTL brand. The key images ensure recognition between the programmes and promote clear orientation online and in social media.

Automated Workflow

CapeRock build some custom plugins for the editorial team to speed up their workflow. These tools shorten production time by adding a system for the title animations to the Adobe Premiere Pro pipeline.

Unreal Sets

The magazines are all presented within a virtual set.
The set designs are based on the design language and were developed by the RTL team in-house. They achieved a real time look that is very close to the renders of the on-air design. To accomplish that 3D look they had to implement Unreal Engine into their broadcast operations. This resulted into a higher quality realtime output with well defined textures, reflections and lights.

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