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Becoming the Dutch’ unparalleled main player in audiobooks. For music you use Spotify, for series and films you watch Netflix, and for audiobooks and -stories you listen to Storytel.


The communication and identity need to stand out by transforming graphic static design into engaging motion design. Increasing brand awareness herein is key.


We have developed a recognisable and visual language in motion, true to Storytel’s playful, positive personality. The design work across all media and platforms.

We worked on
Visual Strategy
Motion Design
Multi-Channel Design
Sound Design
Access to a world of stories

Storytel is a digital streaming service for audiobooks. To enhance the familiarity with Storytel’s service, we created various audio-driven spots. They immersive us into the story and introduce the listening experience, whilst showcasing the great titles.

Storytel Spots - reel

It all starts with the DNA of stories: letters. These letters combine in brilliant and surprising ways, to touch our hearts, make us laugh, give us goosebumps, and change our lives. Through different choreographies Storytel channels these motion designs into a look and feel that is fun, playful and that stick to your mind.

Storytel Letterspot Mindfullness
Letterspot theme 'mindfullness'
Storytel Letterspot Household
Letterspot theme 'household'
Storytel Letterspot Action
Letterspot animation theme 'action'

“We don't want to be limited by just presenting covers and titles. Instead, we want to make you feel the experience of an audiobook, right from the start in our campaigns. This way, stories are brought even closer to the consumer.”

Ruth de Jager, Country Manager at Storytel

Storytel Saphiens Frame
'Sapiens' TV commercial
Storytel Karin Slaughter Frame
Karin Slaughter's 'Gespleten' TV commercial
Storytel Abris

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