Designing Storytel Original campaigns


The goal is to claim the position of number one audiobook-expert, by promoting the Original titles, developed, produced and published by Storytel.


From key art to commercials, we created 360 campaigns build around the Storytel Originals. Storytel Original is the home of unique, high quality and local productions.


The distinct campaigns stand out in the clutter of advertising block designs. The result is a decrease in the overall churn rate and an increase of brand preference.

We worked on
Concept Development
Graphic Design
Motion Design
Multi-Channel Production
Sound Design
Het strand

With this series Storytel proves itself as a worthy platform for literature lovers. An Original series consisting of nine literary stories. Each story is written by a different well known celebrity author of Literature, in close collaboration with their voice actors. The concept of ‘Het strand’ (The beach) was created by abstracting the sky, sea and the beach into three graphic layers. Through the use of color, lighting and objects we created unity and a solid base for the series. Each story is connected to the specific narrative object shown on the cover, linking the design to a specific geographic location.

Storytel Original Het Strand
'Het strand' TV commercial
Het strand

Nine listening stories, each written by a different writer. The sky, sea and beach have been reduced to graphic elements for the cover series of ‘Het strand’. The horizon runs through all the covers as a continues storyline. The distinction in the series is made through the use of color, incidence of light and the chosen subject. The narrative elements in the scenes come from typical objects that you find on the beach.

Het Land van Anders

A children’s Original series with a target audience of parents of 4-8 years old. ‘Het Land van Anders’ (The Land of Different) centers around a kid who crosses a magical river, where he meets ‘Klaver’ the Tiger and ‘Hela’ the Fox. It’s a moving story about friendship, sacrifice and overcoming differences. We created the magical world for the series through character design, colour, textures, style and animation.

Storytel Original Het Land van Anders Instagram Story
'Het Land van Anders' Instagram story

"Always a good story"

'Dit is hoe je doodgaat' trailer
Dit is hoe je doodgaat

‘This is how you die’ is best described as an immersive audio experience. It's a captivating thriller, enhanced by voice acting, music, sound effects and ambiance. The vicious, moody and expressive identity is a translation of the main character's dramatic journey, her impulsive nature, and the unforgivable betrayal. Mystery, danger and intrigue: a rollercoaster of a story, where atmosphere and mood takes the centre stage.

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