Revitalising one of Belgium's biggest media entertainment brands

VIER offers entertainment to a broad audience in Belgium. To maintain a distinct position in the crowded entertainment market, an update in the visual identity was initiated. With the rebrand it was aimed to express the playful energy of VIER.

Visual Strategy
Identity Design
On-Air Design
Multi-Channel Design
Collateral Design
SBS Belgium | VIER

Play, navigate, magnify

Components derived from the logo move in a playful way to navigate the viewer. The so called Jockeys enhance the brand experience by giving expression to the energy of VIER and connecting the brand to the content.

SBS VIER Bumper Out

Systematically playful

One of the challenges was to create a design that could incorporate unexpected elements without losing consistency. The result is a design system that is playful yet organised.

SBS VIER Dancing with the Stars
SBS VIER Promo System
SBS VIER Instagram
SBS VIER Billboard
SBS VIER Businesscard

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