ZDF heute+
News on the go

Launching a mobile first news channel for the digital natives


ZDF heute+ is a mobile first news channel launched for the digital generation that mainly consumes news online. ZDF heute+ offers news on the go by sending video news messages on Facebook and Twitter and is targeted at a younger audience (25+). We created a visual identity for ZDF heute+ that is attractive for its audience and a design that works effectively on all online platforms.


The constant stream of news and information is used as a concept for design. In the design we used bold and simple graphics that are optimised for mobile and that are highly responsive. The main element, the ‘’pointer box’’, forms the basis of the rest of the infographics toolkit that we created and is used in animated video news messages that our continuously reposted.


A responsive logo design is created as well as program packaging, a virtual studio design and an info-graphic toolkit. All the design elements are optimized for mobile and reach out to a younger audience.

- Eyes and Ears Europe: Best news design

We worked on

Visual Strategy
Identity Design
Dynamic Branding
Music & Sound Design

Responsive logo design

The visual as well as conceptual meaning of the streams is used to build the program identity and the logo. For online use and smaller areas we created compact versions of the logo, the ZDF h+ and h+.

ZDF heute+ animation gif
ZDF heute+ phone
ZDF heute+ shapesZDF heute+ Stats

Bold and simple

ZDF heute+ uses bold and simple graphics to clarify the world. Graphics and icons are combined with textured backgrounds or videos. 

The supportive visual property is the pointer box. It literally points out what is important and fills the data box with data. It is a flexible property that can pop up anywhere on the screen to support the information flow of the item to provide context and clarity.

ZDF heute+ Title
ZDF heute+ Infographic
ZDF heute+ InfographicZDF heute+ Facebook

Design for mobile

The graphics are optimised for digital usage with bigger type-sizes and lay-outs that are designed for mobile viewing. Different sorts of boxes filled with data are used to create headlines, point information and make comparisons to optimally inform the audience.

ZDF heute+ Mobile
ZDF heute+ Mobile
ZDF heute+ Phone Screens

The Sound of Digital Days

The music we created has a digital feel and the compliments the design in its boldness and simpleness.

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