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Content branding for German broadcaster


The changing TV landscape forces programs to develop strong branding to work successfully across TV, online and social media to connect with audiences. We collaborated with the creative team of ZDF on the development of an iconic, dynamic and future-proof design.


Social and financial issues can be complex with layer upon layer of information. WISO aims to make these matters more transparent by breaking them down into easy-to-grasp bits of story. We reflected this approach in the new design. By deconstructing the logo and using the four diagonals of the letter ‘’W’’ as a base grid for all layouts.


The updated design of WISO is simple yet dynamic and flexible. It is an example of how a strong design approach helps to be recognisable and relevant to its audience.

Visual Strategy
Identity Design
Dynamic Branding
Music & Sound

The four diagonals of the letter ‘’W’’ serve as the base grid for all layouts. This creates a design that is simple yet dynamic and flexible.

ZDF WISO Logo Animation
ZDF WISO Cars Frame

All movements start at the midpoint of the ''W'', giving the on-air design a dynamic feel.

ZDF WISO Tip Animation

Icons and pointers help to explain subjects at hand in a playful way.

ZDF WISO Graphic
ZDF WISO Pointers Yoga

The strong branding works successfully across TV, online and social media to connect with the audience.

ZDF WISO Früher vs HeuteZDF WISO Facebook

WISO Studio

The new studio has a warm and chique feel with the bordeaux main color and orange highlights matching the concrete walls.


The Sound of Vigorousness

The music we composed for WISO is slightly bombastic, adds momentum and reflects the decisiveness to get to the truth of everyday matters.

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