Ziggo Sport
Preparation. Concentration. Dedication.

Transforming a cable operator into a media entertainment brand


Ziggo is the biggest cable operator in the Netherlands. Ziggo Sport is the main asset to reinforce the transformation from a cable operator into a media entertainment brand.


The aim for the rebrand was to connect Ziggo Sport's identity more strongly to the fun and emotional aspect of the Ziggo brand.


Since the launch in 2015 Ziggo Sport has become the biggest sports channel and the 9th biggest TV channel in the Netherlands.

- Golden Eyes & Ears Awards 2017: Best Sports Design- Silver Eyes & Ears Awards 2017: Best New Corporate Design

We worked on

Identity Design
Multi-Channel Design
Dynamic Branding
Music & Sound Design

Identity Design

A dynamic and engaging brand identity was created for Ziggo Sport. The fractals are set into motion and integrated in all visual communication. This visual property has become a distinctive element of the Ziggo brand.

Ziggo Sport Basketball Orange Fractals
Ziggo Sport Basketball Grey Fractals

''The channel design offers a seamless viewing experience''

Ziggo Sport Devices

Multi-Channel Design

The channel design offers a seamless viewing experience and connects to digital through smooth motion and flat graphics. Within the broadcast system there are many possibilities to promote upcoming matches, games and shows for the fans to watch.

Ziggo Sport Score Design
Ziggo Sport System
Ziggo Sport System OverviewZiggo Sport Golf Fractals

Dynamic Branding

Ziggo Sport is just like its audience a big fan of sports. To show this passion we filmed talented athletes performing their sports action for the idents: from preparation to the finish. This creates an authentic feel that pulls the audience closer to the content.

Ziggo Sport Boxing
Ziggo Sport Basketball
Ziggo Sport MoodZiggo Sport Mood

Music & Sound Design

The music that we composed for Ziggo Sport follows the rhythm of the athletes: preparation, concentration, a moment of silence and GO!

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