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Deutsche Welle | Brand Identity

Human, vibrand

and optimistic

Deutsche Welle’s environment program Eco features subjects such as sustainability, technology and social change. The program started as Eco@Africa but as the program expands to cover additional regions such as India, Latin America and Asia, it has outgrown its initial branding. We developed a dynamic design toolkit to transform the program into an international brand.


Brand Identity

Program Design

Motion Design

Sonic Branding

Digital Design

The drivers

of change

To capture the energy of change we designed individual bits derived from the logo that act together and flow with the motion. The amended logo with its round shapes, complimented by the slab serif font, gives the program a playful touch.

Eco is human, vibrant and optimistic and motivates people from all across the world to take action.

The vibrant sound of Eco

We created the new design and music to reflect the optimistic and energetic character of the show.