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INGEN HOUSZ is a Dutch law firm specializing in advising startups, scale-ups, and their investors on investment rounds, exits, and transformative transactions.

With years of experience they have established a leader position in the venture capital market through their history of collaboration with funds, startups and scale-ups.


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Our rebranding for IH focuses on their unique market position, featuring a new logo, a revitalised colour scheme, and a typeface that reflects the law firm's professional ethos.

Adopting an earthy olive green, complemented by its contrasting colour, the new logo represents stability and growth, mirroring INGEN HOUSZ' commitment to sustainable and enduring values, while also respecting their keen expertise and reputation.

The vertical rhythm is set with the stems of the I, N, E, H, and U glyphs. The open detail in the bar of the H hints at a connection being made. Sharp terminals on the S and G are balanced with their open smooth curves to give the logo a contemporary appearance.

As an integral component of the brand’s identity, a series of dynamic repeated lines echo the logo, creating a distinctive and instantly recognisable visual asset for IH. This design supports their claim of ‘shaping the new economy,’ reinforcing their innovative approach.

"We truly believe in the people we work with. Their ideas can shape the future." Matthijs Ingen-Housz



The photography of Iris Duvekot captures the essence of the brand positioning, contributing to the personal, welcoming ambiance of the IH staff and emphasising the a-typical law firm environment that IH offers to its customers.



Commitment at IH extends beyond advising on significant business transactions that may involve major strategic shifts. It also underscores the human touch of their lawyers, who consistently guide clients through the profound legal changes affecting their companies.