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NPO, the Dutch Public Broadcasting Organisation, stands as a multifaceted media entity, operating three dynamic TV channels, a comprehensive range of streaming services, and numerous radio stations. As a unifying force in the Netherlands, NPO's commitment to informing, educating, entertaining and inspiring is evident across its extensive television, radio, and digital platforms, while reflecting Dutch culture and values.


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3, 2, 1, Start

CapeRock believes in the connecting power of design. Our design system acts as connective tissue among all the NPO's touch points delivering a consistent, recognisable, and high-quality experience.

Each channels motion design is an expression of its positioning statement: 'Get together' for NPO1, 'Broaden your mind' for NPO2 and 'Lust for Life' for NPO3.

Pro motion

By simply rotating the logo, we seamlessly transition from entertainment or talk shows on NPO 1 to documentaries and in-depth features on NPO 2, flowing into drama, comedy, and sports on NPO 3. The kids' channel NPO Zapp also integrates seamlessly as we shift our focus to youth programming.

The diamond

The rhombus shape of the NPO is a distinctive and established symbol within the Dutch media landscape. By placing it at the core of all communications, it serves as the unifying element among all channels, each of which retains its unique identity through color and layout.



The base of any on-air communication flow is a blend of promotion, identity and navigation. Beyond the standard promos and content idents we introduced two exciting additions: the 'Celebration' ident and the 'key-Art' ident. These innovative tools infuse diversity into the viewing experience, weaving together significant moments and major content highlights across the channels.

Channel idents

NPO3 introduces a vibrant collection of idents that mirror the channel's focus on sports and the digital lifestyle of its audience, where the channel's green rhombus acts as a gateway to diverse, electrifying worlds.

Embracing 'Levenslust,' or zest for life, they reflect a world of humour, discovery, and creativity, where everyone is a creator, engaging in fun and not taking life too seriously. These idents celebrate the digital era's possibilities and the joy of sports from the audience's perspective, highlighting the energetic and optimistic essence of NPO3's young, dynamic viewers.



NPO Start is NPO's streaming service. The on-air design smoothly links all content promotion with its streaming counterpart. Where feasible, key art from the platform is incorporated into on-air promotions, providing viewers with a visual reference point and thus bringing on-air and streaming closer together.