Boundless Energy

NPO Zapp | Channel Design

Don't lose

your head

NPO Zapp's revamped brand identity is now incredibly dynamic, graphical, and brimming with joy and energy.

The leading go-to TV channel for Dutch kids and tweens, teamed up with us to invigorate their brand identity. Those awesome 6 to 12-year-olds, armed with tablets and smartphones, are empowered to make their own media choices, enhancing their sense of independence through interactive experiences. With giants like YouTube and TikTok in the mix, NPO Zapp aimed to be a dynamic digital content brand with more than just a clear story and strong values to resonate with the cool factor for their specific audience:

It's all about staying a-head in the world of media.


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Head turns


After diving deep into the competitive jungle, we've crafted a palette that's not just colours, shapes, and typography – it's a statement.Think of it as our design armour, bold and distinct, making us pop in the market like a firework in the night sky. And our storytelling? It's nothing short of magic. The spotlight shines on the electrifying faces of our presenters - the true heroes. They're not just narrating stories; they're breathing fire into them, infusing each tale with a life and personality as unique as their own.

Lookin' sharp

Our brand language is closely intertwined with the NPO brand, incorporating the diamond shape while ensuring the corporate design doesn't dominate. The sharp, additional geometrical patterns and elements darting in and out of the frame boost the dynamics of the idents giving them a crisp, cutting-edge feel.

Keep on


Embracing a novel technique, we've transformed our storytelling to create high-energy, fun, crazy, short, and snappy idents. Each frame is enriched with a blend of 2D and 3D animation, moving around our filmed heroes, the presenters giving them a vivid energy that leaps off the screen.

Fair 'n square

We have designed all our assets so that they fit seamlessly into landscape, square, and portrait formats. This makes them versatile for use - from television to social media, to the NPO Zapp streaming app, and our website. They even look great in advertising campaigns and print media.

The sound of Zapp

We crafted a specific sound to complement the edgy look and high pace of the idents, a mix that's fun, quirky, and electrically zesty. The bold beat and sturdy rhythm provide a pulsating energy that anchors the visuals, creating a harmonious interplay between sight and sound.

Green twist

This is where the magic happens!
Shooting with a bullet rig against a green screen, we unlocked a world of possibilities: capturing the presenters in a full 360º glory, seizing all motion, and freezing expressions in time. This technique transforms our storytelling, infusing each frame with a dynamic, almost lifelike energy that seems to burst right off the screen!