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For the international television program ‘’MADE - Your Business Magazine’’ we created a new design, music and graphic system in four languages. MADE is broadcast in 161 countries around the world by the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW).

When you have MADE it, magazines will start to write about you. MADE showcases successful entrepreneurs who are redefining the workplace and examines the risks and benefits of digitalisation and disruptive innovation. To stay innovative you need to embrace disruption and to stay internationally recognisable as an business platform you need to make a bold move.


Program Design

Brand Identity

Digital Development

Motion Design

Sonic Branding

Colors, boldness

& disruption

We have crafted a striking and modern design for MADE, resembling a contemporary business magazine, with a strong emphasis on the word mark 'MADE', vibrant graphics conveying thematic messages, and music enhancing the show's disruptive vibe.

Four languages

& 161 countries

The overall result is a distinctive look that is appealing for people who like to be informed about business topics and aim to be successful in a world that changes rapidly. Broadcasting in four languages and 161 countries the new design will go worldwide.

Music for the disrupter

The music we produced for MADE represents the typical beat for entrepreneurs: an electro track with a slow cool beat, enhancing the proud yet fun impact of the people shown in MADE.