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Insight TV is one of the first true 4K channels and available in 45 countries. It also runs an OTT platform and several digital channels. CapeRock worked closely with the Insight TV team to re-energise the brand and give it a fresh and playful attitude.

Dive in Heart first

The new slogan captures the feeling of adrenaline filled adventure. It is an invitation to join the Insight crowd and explore the world as you have never seen before.

A mark to help
you navigate

The mark has been created as an expression of exploration. It can be seen as both flat or 3d. On-air it opens up to reveal tune information. It strongly connects the brand with the content.

Three types of strong

From action sports to thrill seekers, three bold typefaces support all kinds of content and add variation to the channel without breaking the brand.

Energy visualised

We introduced a range of motion expressions based on the channels content. These custom animations add a uniquely expressive layer to the channel making it unmistakably Insight.

These expression are used throughout the promotion toolkit, in print and presentations.

One solution
for all screens

Surprise is what makes an experience truly memorable. For the promo toolkit we created a system that combines the typefaces, motion expressions and navigational elements with the content in a new and surprising way.

The sound of
Insight TV

A big part of any channel identity is the sound design. For Insight TV we created a musical composition and sound logo that is used within the idents and bumpers.

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