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Veronica | Brand Identity

One brand,

one name

In a highly competitive media landscape, a strong brand positioning is more important than ever. In the case of Veronica, different brand channels were communicating with their own look and target group: Veronica TV, Radio Veronica and Veronica Magazine. We positioned Veronica TV and Radio Veronica as one brand, using one name: Veronica.


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More than

just roar

The various platforms had one rebellious and adventurous piece of history tying them together: the pirate radio station of Veronica that started it all. This was the base for repositioning and redesign. Elements from the sea are used as navigators: the horizon and compass pointers.

Rock Busters

From edge of your seat blockbusters to stadium filling matches and from fist pumping rock hits to engaging dramatic series. Veronica now continues its heritage with one consistent and energetic visual style that allows to put the epic content at the forefront on all media and screens.


and Glory

Veronica has been updating its sports content with successful programmes such as Glory Kickboxing and the UEFA Champions League. Based on the new visual style, we built a design system that allows for easy incorporation of new programmes and themes, such as the coming qualifying matches for the 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup.

Always with


To capture the new brand we helped Veronica to develop a brand book. The brand book includes the emotional message that Veronica communicates as a brand. The look is raw, tough, adventurous and shows a passion for real music, movies and sports.