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ZDF-Mittagsmagazin | Brand Identity



ZDF Mittagsmagazin is an important German news and information program that provides the audience with in-depth news, sports and opinions. Changes in the structure of the program and the transition from their virtual studio in Mainz to a studio set with large LED panels in Berlin required a redesign.

ZDF mima dives deeper into stories and events by peeling off the different layers of information through reports, interviews and opinions. The new creative concept and design we developed visually reflects the depth of the program.

The design system allows easy incorporation of various kinds of content on TV as well as in the new studio set. Consisting of four layers the motion design literally leads the viewer into the content. The new design makes the program feel more personal, open and contemporary.


Brand Identity

Motion Design

Sonic Branding

Program Design

Experience Design

Brand Strategy

A simple


The logo consists of four letters, showing depth in four layers with four tints of colours. All the generic and theme shapes that we designed are based on these four layers.

Theme shapes

ZDF mima presents the news in different categories. For each category we created a unique shape with four color tints and with four layers that move in their unique way. 

By showing footage within each layer, the logo and shapes can function as a window to the world of news and information.

Studio design

The on-air graphics take the viewer through the layers of headers into the studio where virtual becomes reality. The graphics become a part of the studio by moving through layers on the LED screens. The constant movement reflects the continuously moving news.

Music & sound

The motion design we created is supported by a sound logo for the program, sound effects and a unique jingle for each theme. The music enhances the feeling of urgency in a very ‘classic’ dramatic orchestral composition, combined with electronic elements. This results in a modern sound that refers to news in a contemporary way, where the old blends well with the new.