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The morning news and information program of ZDF

The redesign of ZDF Morgenmagazin focuses on the sunrise as a visual highlight of the dawn of a new day.

ZDF Moma offers the German people the news of the day and in-depth reports and discussions from politics, business, sport and culture. The news show is watched by 4 million viewers per day and is broadcasted since 1992.

Logo, typography, shapes, colours and motion design work together with the studio elements to create a pleasant early morning atmosphere to start your day with this news show. The "o” in moma shows the shape of a rising sun.

The design navigates the viewer into the different news items that are presented and played on the various screens and monitors in the studio.

The package includes a new logo design, on-air package and studio graphics, and gives the morning news program a fresh new look, making it ready for the future.

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